IT as Assistance

Should we believe in that, to complete our daily Tasks by IT, is more easy, than to handle without? No, it is just more complex and the result is, beacause of that, the higher efficiency is given! So it is all about to have more in our Heads, and to take position at the Market with IT. No one thinks, that it would be, an environment with easy steps, by taking them. So it has to be hardly worked out, than implemented, and finally is not existend! So an give away of Thoughts of mine is: It is more complex of that are the results of Efficiency. So Employees who think it is to complecated, are not an problem, if them know them are trainable. Thousands of people do not recognize, by easy ways, that them are able to reach more, them just say: “I can not work with modern Technology”. That them would be able I know, because it is for them the case understandable, of that what them use, so even if them use it by IT, would it be understandable with more technical options, too.


What if not? JUST FIRE THEM. Or an example for what to do is here: Outsourcing – Project Management


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